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Good Finish for Jax Hughes

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends and family on the Gulf Coast. Stay safe, and God’s speed to you in a long recovery.

Colorado National Speedway hosted the Annual 911 Ride on August 26th, and had a full night of racing on hand. Lots of bikes filled the racetrack prior to the night’s events and were greeted by a good crowd of race fans in the stands. Pro Trucks and Figure 8s both had double mains, making up for at least one of their rained out events. The Super Stocks and Late Models were also on the ticket in a regular event.

The 51 Veracity Racing Monte Carlo was still running on the tires that had been through two big hits and the entire event on August 12 and were ready for replacement! Thanks to Sundance Automotive for helping us out with that. Once on the new tires for qualifying, Jax Hughes found the car to be decent, but there were many cars in the field that were really good, and Jax wound up 11th quick in a field of 24.

The Fast Dash proved that the tires really helped over last race’s performance. Starting in the back, Jax made up a few spots and finished 6th.

The luck of the pill draw for the main definitely went his way, pulling the #1 spot. Starting beside him was the 99 of Nick Brinlee. They led the field for the first three laps, and saw the yellow come out as the 60 car of Jonathan Lindberg tangled with the 22 of Brett Yackey.

Both cars were sent to the rear of the field for bringing out the yellow. In later laps, while running side by side with the 49 of Chris Cox, we saw Chris pull to the infield with ignition problems. With Mike Cox and Adam Hilton getting by, Jax settled into the 4th position and held that through the rest of the event to the checkered flag.

There was a close call when a lapped car came down on Jax in turn three with just a few laps to go. The lapped 22 car spun around, but continued on without drawing a caution. Brinlee went on to win the feature, followed by Adam Hilton in the 06 Malibu Wagon, and the 3 of Mike Cox finished third. Jonathan Lindberg and Brett Yackey both pushed hard through the field to finish 5th and 7th, respectively.

The season is winding down quickly, so be sure to get out to the track a few more times through September to enjoy the great weather and exciting racing! The Super Stock Division will be back on September 9th, along with the Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, and Figure 8s. Jax looks to be solidly 4th in points, but anything can happen in the last two races. Come cheer him on! Thanks to Colorado Axle and Gear, Sundance Automotive, and all our friends and family.

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