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Back in Action

The Veracity Racing update for August 12 is a lot less dramatic than the last one, but it was a much more enjoyable night for Jax Hughes.

The real test came in the first practice session to see if two weeks of rear end, front end, and heavy body work would have the 51 Super Stock track-worthy for the night's events. Much to our pleasure, it was, even with the really rough driver's side sheet metal and last year's nose. Short on funds, we were running on the same set of tires we used last race that saw two incidents on the track. Jax could tell it was going to be one of those nights to just keep it going as best as he could and hope for a decent finish.

Qualifying was a little rough, bringing it in at 8th quick. The Fast Dash proved the car and driver to be back in the hunt, although an incident right in front of him kept him on his toes, as Sam Messerli got into Shelby Cortese and Jax saw one of her rear springs come right across his windshield.

Sam went on to do a little Joey Chitwood stunt driving, but both competitors would make it to the Main event. Aaron Masters brought out another red flag situation when he cut a right front tire and hit the wall hard in turn two, just short of the pit exit. They were able to make repairs and return for the main, but in that race he did the exact same thing, cutting down a right front and hitting the wall in the same place. Jax went on to finish the Fast Dash in 7th.

The pill draw for the main was consistent with the past few races, drawing the 8th starting spot. Jax had his hands full, but ran a good, solid race, bringing the car home in 6th place and feeling good about getting it back on the track after that bad crash on July 28. After the race, we were really happy to see Ron from Sundance Automotive Repair and his wife, Elaine in the pits. We're always happy to see one of our main supporters out at the track, and to have a good night out on the track.

Jax is back in action on August 26th for the Chick-fil-A Don't Count Yer Chickens and Ride 911 Night at Colorado National Speedway. Again, a big thanks to Sundance, and an extra special thanks to Al and the team at Colorado Axle and Gear for getting a rear end back under us and keeping us at the track instead of on the sidelines. And, as always, a big thanks to you, our friends and family for all of the support.

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