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Big West Season Opener

Jax qualified outside of the top 8 and started 4th in the Dash. After running a solid 8 laps in third place, a hose clamp came loose on the power steering cooler and left a trail of smoke and power steering fluid in turn one and two. The car got loose in the fluid, but he kept it out of the wall. Everyone else got through with no problems. We were all relieved to see it was a simple fix.

With a DNF in the Dash, we stared 14th in the main. it was far enough back to stay out of trouble on lap 11 when there was a spin and contact in turn one. Jax kept working traffic and got on the back bumper of George Gallegos in the 23 car and stayed with him all the way to the checkers, finishing in 7th place. Congrats to Brett Yackey, Mike Cox, Kyle Patee, Curtis Hildebrandt, and Levi Greenly, your top 5 Super Stocks for opening night 2015!



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