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Similar situation, better results for 51

The number 51 of Jax Hughes and the Super Stocks were back in action Saturday, August 29. It was a great day and night with the 9/11 ride starting at Colorado National Speedway at 9:30 AM and returning for opening ceremonies. There were hundreds of bikes circling the track and setting the stage for another great night of racing at CNS. Thanks again to Tom Morrey for the help in the pits.

The car was pretty much as we left it, but ready to race. Practice and qualifying found us just a couple ticks off, but in that familiar 8th place. Once again, with just 14 cars, the dashes were set at 7 cars each.

The pill draw called for inverting the top 6, putting us in the same spot we were in as last race. Fortunately, Jax moved through traffic quickly. He followed the number 5 of Glen Poston but could not catch up, finishing in second.

The main was very similar to our last race as well. Jax kept it out of trouble and got around Rob Davey in the later laps for am 8th place finish. Brett Yackey had another great night and added yet another win to his season. Mike Cox finished second with Levi’s dad, Scott Greenly in third. Curtis Heldenbrand was fourth, followed by Glen Poston in fifth.

With the strong-running Kyle Patee moving to Late Models and Levi Greenly out for the last two races, the points battle has a different look going into the last Super Stock race on September 19. It should be an exciting night. The Super Late Models will run a 100 lap main event, and we'll also see the Modified Coupes and the Trains in the last points race of the season for each of these classes. See you there!

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