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Jax Hughes and Tom Hughes give a big shout out to Joe Mares, Jr.

A huge thanks to Joe Mares, Jr. for all the help and support in the last couple of weeks. Joe used his know-how and ingenuity to get the back end of the Super Stock 51 back in shape after Jax's bang on the wall June 25. It's not as pretty, but still pretty fast! The frame did take a little tweak behind the rear wheels, but is solid for the rest of the season. Joe got the rear quarters back in line with the rest of the sides, and bumper is straight and solid.

And to add to Joe's generosity and good-hearted nature, he called Tom on the night of July 10 to see if he could bring his fire suit and helmet for a friend to drive the second 84 car in the Pure Stock race the next day. Tom said "sure, no problem," only to find it was him that he planned on putting in the car. We put a big 51 on it and got Tom back in the seat for a race. Joe had a great race, finishing 3rd in the main, Tom had it pretty rough with a car spinning out in front of him and another behind him pushing him up into the front fender. When all was said and done, there was a bent spindle that Joe has already taken care of. Veracity Racing owes you one, Joe - you're the best!

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