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Fourth of July and Colorado National Speedway. Jax Hughes brings home a 7th place finish in the Sup

There's nothing better than Fireworks at the race track for Independence Day!

The Veracity Racing Monte Carlo was back in stride this week at CNS. After a hard hit in the wall last week, and some emergency repairs at the track, it was good to have a week to sort things out and get the car back to its normal self. After that Main, we knew we had two problems to get working on - clutch and brakes. The clutch was a bad throw-out bearing. We've got some smelly 90 weight clothes now, but a good, solid clutch. Troy Grote was great with all the help – you’re the best.

Thanks to Max Sedbrook for helping in the pits this week. Our Saturday afternoon practice sessions found the car to be right where we left off the week before, too tight in the corners and soft brakes. We made a couple of adjustments and Jax brought it in 8th quick in qualifying. He said he’d have been quicker if the brakes were working. We bled them all around and the pedal felt better.

He started and finished 8th in the Fast Dash and still had problems. Troy Grote, our number one crewman (and sponsor with Showtime Towing) dove in, broken leg and all, found the problem, and swapped the right front caliper that we had swapped in last week’s suspension rebuild. A big thanks to fellow Super Stocks Kyle Patee, Darrell Smith, George Gallegos, and Ron Cox for their help with parts and advice.

The Main was a good solid run for Jax. That top group of cars was in their regular form and put on a great show at the front of the pack. The 51 car settled in to a solid run through the race right behind them. A late caution bunched the field up and made for an exciting finish. Jax was able to make up a couple of positions and went side by side with Curtis Heldenbrand in the 9 car for the last lap. Curtis just edged ahead at the stripe for 6th, Jax brought it in 7th.

Congrats to Brett Yackey on another Super Stock win, Levi Greenly in the 75 was second, number 90 Kyle Patee in third after checking up for a slower car going to the finish line. The 3 of Ron Cox and the 09 of John Patee rounded out the top 5.

We’re off for the next couple of weekends – we’ll see you back in action on Saturday, July 25 for the Great Scott’s Eatery “All American Race” and a huge night of racing with SIX classes - featuring the Great Scott’s Eatery Super Stocks along with the Lincoln Tech Pure Stocks, the Legends cars, the Art’s Septic Services Figure 8’s, the South Philly Cheesesteaks Late Models, and the Gillette Vet Clinic Super Late Models.

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