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First Top 5 For Jax Hughes

Gilpin Casino Wins Big turned out to be a great night at Colorado National Speedway for Jax Hughes and the team. Getting to the track added some challenges as we pulled the trailer out to load it and noticed a flat tire. We've been on borrowed time for two years without a spare and it finally came to bite us. There was a nail in it, so there was some hope that we could get a quick fix and be on our way. Kudos to our friends at Discount Tire for getting us in right away, but then the bad news - the tires are old enough to buy alcohol and can't be repaired. We had to spend our last racing tire money for the season on trailer tires.

With just a slight set back on time, we arrived at the track about an hour and a half after gate time, but still had time to get a couple of practice runs in. The car was OK, running right about our usual lap times. Some good fortune fell our way as Levi Greenly had his last race's take-off tires sitting in a nice stack, ready for us to pick up at a racer's discount!

We've been working our way to less stagger and more adjustment in springs and bar, but with the take-offs, found ourselves back where we used to run with a lot more stagger. We swapped a rear spring and ran a good qualifying lap that got Jax into the Fast Dash.

Jax ran side by side with Darrell Smith for most of the Fast Dash, but Darrell got by with two to go and brought Makayla Grote with him. Jax had to settle for an 8th place finish. The pill draw treated him much better and got him a 3rd place start in the main.

Jax got out in front early and it felt good to lead a couple of laps in the main. The usual cast of characters worked their way up, and soon the Blue Gator cars were running 1-2 with Mike Cox having the advantage and taking the lead.

Steady and consistent laps kept him up in great shape and in 5th and 6th on the track for the rest of the race. Cody Vanderwal had something let go in his front end and caught the wall in the backstretch on lap 9. Jax battled with Darrell Smith for a few laps at the end, but was able to hang on for a 6th place finish. Makayla Grote failed a post race inspection of her engine, so Jax picked up another spot for his first top 5. Congrats to Levi Greenly for the win, with Brian Yackey in second. Curtis Heldenbrand and Michael Cox finished third and fourth.

After a well deserved break, Jax and the Super Stocks are back in action on Saturday, August 13 for the Colorado Lottery Lucky for Life Night at Colorado National Speedway. We hope to see you there!

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