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CNS Super Stocks Finish Up a Four Week Run with the Famous Dave's BBQ Special

This week's post will cover the last two weeks of Veracity Racing's 51 Super Stock and Jax Hughes. We've been on a run of 4 weeks straight and will get a weekend off on July 9. We'll be back in action on July 16.

June 25 was the Mountain View Fire and Rescue Night at Colorado National Speedway. We showed up at the track ready to try some changes, and we did. It was great to have Kyle Patee helping out again - we really appreciate all you've been doing to get Jax faster. A couple of spring changes and Jax was out for practice. The car reacted well to the changes, but qualifying did not show it. The car had a vibration with the new tires on it, and we missed the fast dash again. In the dash, Jax worked his way up behind the 5 of Poston but while holding off the 33 of Tyler Davis and the 1 of Makayla Grote, could not get the pass for the win.

The Main found Jax starting in 8th, on the outside of Curtis Heldenbrand. There was a lot of bumping and rubbing for a while, but soon the field spread out a little and everyone set in on getting that position in front of them. Makayla and Darrel Smith both wound up getting by Jax and the closing laps, and he finished 9th. The race of the night was up front with Curtis Heldenbrand getting underneath the race leader 43 of Cody Vanderwal in the last turn of the last lap and won it by .031 seconds! Congrats to Curtis for his first win. Following Vanderwal was 22 Brian Yackey in third, Chris Cox in 4th, and the 3 car of Michael Cox rounding out the top 5. Darrell's finish position got him enough points to tie Jax for 6th place on the season.

The Fourth of July weekend saw two great nights of racing and fireworks with a capacity crowd of close to 10,000 race fans each night. Veracity Racing's Jax and Tom helped out in Kyle Patee's Late Model pit Saturday night, and saw him bring home a second place finish. Great job, Kyle.

Sunday had the Super Stocks on the line up along with the Super Late Models, Legends, and DemoX for the Famous Dave's BBQ Special. We were set up and ready to race. Thanks to Joe Mares and Don French for their help in the pits this week. Unfortunately, we had a long rain delay and missed the opportunity to get our second practice session in. We went back to the same race tires as last week for this week, and as Jax hit the track for qualifying, the vibration was back. Again, no fast dash and we scrambled for the next half hour trying to find what was causing it. We even had Troy Witthar swap tires onto different wheels to see if we could clear the vibration while staying legal in our tires from qualifying through the main.

The dash was an exciting race. After starting third, Jax got around 02 Darrell Smith and the 31 of Michael Matheisen for the lead. He held it for two or three laps until Makayla Grote was able to go low on him in turn 3 and 4 for some side by side action. She took the lead in the next lap. On the final lap, Jax had a good run of speed through three and into four, looking to take Makayla on the inside. She held on to the bottom and did not have the speed he did. She went around and Jax was DQ'ed. Darrell Smith got the win and three points. Jax and Makayla were both slated to start the main at the back of the 20 car field.

Jax worked traffic and saw no trouble in the main, finishing 11th. Congrats to Brian Yackey for another win on the season. Levi Greenly was in the house and finished 2nd, followed by The 9 of Curtis Heldenbrand (Novas 1-2-3). Cody Vanderwal and Michael Cox rounded out the top 5. Darrell Smith finished 6th and picked up 13 points on Jax - it's going to be tough to make that up in the remaining 4 races.

We've got a week off and hope to see everyone back at CNS on July 16 for the Gilpin Casino Wins Big night with Super Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, and the Super Stocks. Don't forget Hawgfest on Sunday, July 17! Thanks Blue Gator, Colorado Axle and Gear, and Showtime Towing for helping us get the car on the track week after week.

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